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Waukesha Bearings enjoys a worldwide leadership position in the development of bearings and bearing systems for the most challenging turbomachinery applications.

Since 1950, we have become the world’s largest supplier of fluid film bearings, while developing the industry’s most advanced capability in active magnetic bearing systems. From its headquarters in Pewaukee, Wisconsin USA, the company maintains a global network of manufacturing and support locations.

The products of Waukesha Bearings work in successful applications around the globe.They increase the reliability and efficiency of steam, gas and hydro turbines. You’ll find them in compressors, gearboxes and generators, along with a wide variety of other marine and industrial applications. Waukesha Bearings manufactures products according to exacting specifications. Our Quality Policy assures adherence to the most demanding military specifications, and all products are manufactured according to quality standards certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Our success comes from understanding and serving the needs of generations of loyal customers. As a member of the Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV) group of companies, Waukesha Bearings is committed to market leadership, an onging investment in technology and a strong sense of partnership with our customers. This commitment can be seen in our Vision and Principles.

A half century ago fluid film bearings were Waukesha Bearings’ first product, and we remain a worldwide leader in this time-tested technology. Fluid film bearings are lubricated and cooled by a continuous supply of a filtered liquid, typically oil, which minimizes heat generation by carrying it away in the lubricant flow. Contact between bearing surfaces commonly occurs only at start-up and in the final stages of rundown. When appropriately maintained in their proper use, the working life of a fluid film bearing is theoretically indefinite.

Engineering Service
Regardless of type, each fluid film bearing from Waukesha Bearings is custom designed and built to order under the supervision of industry-leading engineering experts. Our engineers work with you, lending their design expertise to create the product that fits the application best. Technical details are in our download library.

A Magnetic Bearing is an electro magnetic device, which maintains the relative position of a rotating assembly (rotor) with respect to a stationary part (stator). The electro magnetic forces implemented for this are controlled by an electronic control cabinet. An active Magnetic Bearing is, therefore, made up of three distinct parts: the bearing itself; the electronic control system; the auxiliary bearings (known as RDS, Rotor Delevitation System).

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