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We are Smooth - a no-fuss agency with offices in the UK and Italy. We mastermind strong corporate brands through strategy, design, advertising, marketing, events and pr, both online and offline.

We are passionate about ambitious, fast growing businesses and we put our hearts and souls into keeping them on the fast track to success.

Smooth is an independent London branding and design agency built around a shared belief that what brands need is people to spend time with them. We are a dedicated group who revel in the challenge of working with ambitious, fast-growing businesses. Smooth is not a massive machine. There is no factory filled with account execs, nor bays filled with dozens of designers and programmers in our studio. That’s not how we work and it’s not how great ideas are generated.

Instead Chris Underwood and Neli Ban focused on developing a small, tight-knit team of passionate people with varied expertise. This approach allows us to work from our strengths and provides us with the flexibility to rely on best-of-breed partners to fulfill additional services. Exceptional branding isn’t (just) about making things look pretty. It’s about making things more useful, efficient, intelligent, meaningful, relevant, and more emotionally engaging. It’s about improving communication and capturing.

Smooth is a brand communications agency. What this means is that we help you determine what your brand is, ensure your people live it spontaneously, and then we tell the world about it. We use design, marketing, internet, advertising, pr and events to create positive brand experiences and profitable relationships. Smooth’s fresh eyes and ears investigate your company intricately from the inside out, discovering what your staff and clients really think about you.

We then recommend brand or re-branding propositions that match your visions creatively, with flair as well as honesty.Strategic expertise and raw talent make us the masters of reinvention. We work with passionate and ambitious organisations that challenge us and we reward them with inspiration. Because we put our hearts and minds into every project, our work has crucial impact on the success of organisations we work with.

Представитель организации:
Chris Underwood

Адреса в Великобритании: 
Walton Lodge
Walton Street
HP21 7QY


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+4401296 435 196

+4401296 435 196

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