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Mane is the perfect answer if you have fine or thinning hair. Mane comes in an easy to use spray that will give your hair a thicker, fuller, natural appearance in seconds.

Our products are suitable for men and women, and because it comes in a range of eleven colours it can be easily matched to your own hair colour, so you can follow your lifestyle with confidence.  

Mane is safe and gentle for your hair
Mane is patented and medically tested
Mane is ORGANIC and NOT tested on animals
Mane is being used every day by thousands of men and women
Mane is the perfect answer to thinning Hair

This is why people from all walks of life and many film, and television, personalities use Mane.

As well as Mane Hair Thickener Spray, Mane also produce a complete range of Hair Care products. This exclusive range has been developed and clinically tested to provide a unique range of products to treat your individual hair condition.
Hair Thickening Spray.
Shampoo for frequent use.
Shampoo for dry or damaged hair.
Anti-dandruff shampoo.
Revitalising conditioner.
Mane Hair Sealer.

Mane products are not hair baldness products but thinning hair products. Mane products are simple to use, just follow the step by step instructions. Understand each step before you proceed to the next. Once applied, all your previously thin areas will be thickened. You will be able to have hairstyles denied to you in the past. You can participate in all sports. After swimming, allow hair to dry without vigorous rubbing with a towel. MANE products have not been tested on animals.
Mane is fully patented product manufactured in the UK.

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Neagle Cathcart

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166 New Cavendish Street, 
London, W1W 6NN


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