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The RM Group specialises in providing Company Information, Company Registration and Trade Mark services. Our commitment to high standards of quality and technologic development continues to bring benefits to all our clients.

Established 30 years ago in the City of London, RM has continually enjoyed a reputation as the UK's leading supplier of business and financial information and company, trade mark and domain name registration. With its comprehensive range of offline and online products, through its Internet service aRMadillo® ( www.rmonline.com ) it was the first European online information supplier to commit to Internet delivery in June 1997adding other firsts such as the provision of UK company search reports, web-delivered statutory document downloads, company and trade mark searches and the first to provide both PDF and TIF company documents for download. RM, RM Group and aRMadillo are registered trade marks of Raymond Morris Group Ltd.

Company Information Services
The RM company information service can be broadly split into two categories, RM Online where customers can obtain instant onscreen products and RM Offline where customers can place orders for products not available online for electronic delivery later.

RM Online company information services
1. RM Online's UK company database combines up to 8 important sources of Company Information to give instant access to full company search reports, credit analysis and director searches on over 4 million U.K. registered companies and non-limited businesses.  Sources include Companies House, County Courts, High Courts, London and Edinburgh Gazette, Credit Reference Agencies, Financial Analysis and Industry Comparisons.  Reports from Ј6.
2. RM Online's new Anti-Money Laundering service lets you instantly check the identity of any UK Individual and provides authorised users with access to records held on a number of databases to allow you to carry out verification checks necessary for Due Diligence and Anti Money Laundering regulations. Reports from Ј3.50.
3. RM Online's International Credit Reports provides instant access to Comprehensive Reports on over 100 Million companies worldwide. Reports from Ј40.
4. RM Companies House document Image-bank also provides instant access to every document filed at companies house since March 1995.  These documents can be downloaded immediately to your PC for as little as Ј1 per document.
5. RM's Trade Mark Database lets you search all UK and community registered marks complete with images of registered devices and logos and our registration department provides and international trade mark advisory service. Reports from Ј2.50.

RM Offline services
6. RM’s Worldwide Company Document Service provides packaged UK and International search reports, official records and copies of original documents such as certificates of incorporation, certificates of good standing as well as other documents on public file.  This service covers all international companies including offshore jurisdictions.

Report Pricing
We offer two levels of price structure.
1. Pay as you go access where you pay for reports at normal retail prices.
2. Discounted Pre-payment means that you can get a substantial discount off report prices depending on the level you choose.

There are three levels of access to choose from
The Full Subscription account gives access to all of the above services and costs Ј250 per annum + report charges and VAT.
The Basic Subscription account gives you access to parts 1,3,4,5 and 6 and costs Ј84 per annum + report charges and VAT.
The Regular Account gives you pay as you go access to parts 1, 5 and 6 above.  There is no annual charge for this type of account.

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