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AGS FROESCH RUSSIA is the result a successful merger between two removals companies that worked as partners for many years.
The history of AGS FROESCH RUSSIA dates back to 1982 when the German based FROESCH Group (www.froesch.de) opened a representative office in Moscow in order to better service its diplomatic customers, primarily German and American diplomats.

During the eighties and the beginning of the nineties the office saw rapid growth. The representative office became a full sized Russian registered international moving company. The customers were no longer only diplomats but also international and Russian corporate customers.

The AGS Group has over 120 branches and is one of the leading international moving companies. (www.agsmovers.com) AGS opened its Moscow office in 1998 and focused on international moving services for corporate customers.
The two moving companies have been working together for many years, and complement each other in terms of geographical coverage and services.

Since both companies shared a common goal and were in synergy, we decided to merge and create one company in Russia. AGS FROESCH RUSSIA was born on 1 January 2006.
AGS FROESCH RUSSIA has now become one of the leading removals companies in Russia and continues to rapidly grow.

Today, AGS FROESCH RUSSIA is wholly owned by MOBILITAS SA, AGS’ and FROESCH’s parent company and can rely on the support of the entire group at any time.


"Friendly, reliable, excellent"


To be the best and most successful business in our fields and markets.


  • The Personal Touch
    With a personal touch and outstanding service, we want to convince our customers and build long-term business relationships
  • Service
    We want to be friendly, reliable, secure, punctual, fast and excellent.
  • Innovation and Quality
    We want to develop new products and services and continually improve our quality.
  • Profit
    We want to achieve solid and continuous business profits, in order to secure our jobs and to grow.
  • Growth
    We want to achieve growth in order to create new opportunities for our employees and investors.
  • Role as employer
    We want to be a good employer, so that our employees feel happy being with us.
  • Team spirit
    We want to be a team with strong team spirit in order to be successful together. Within our team, we want to be friendly, polite and helpful.


Our company depends on satisfied customers because they are the source of our business profits. Our customers are a vital component of our business. We are grateful to our customers for giving us business. Each employee has the task of convincing our customers of our company. We listen to our customers, do our best to understand them correctly and communicate clearly with them.


The aim of our work is to help other people. We make their lives easier in the areas in which we have expertise.


We are capable, flexible and hard-working employees, who are interested in our industry. When dealing with co-workers and customers we want to be friendly, polite, reliable, punctual, fast and helpful. The management expects from us a high degree of initiative and responsible behavior.


When working with a customer, co-worker or supplier, do what is right in the respective situation.


Honesty is very important for us. If we make promises, we feel ourselves committed to keep them.


All our processes should be simple, clear, safe and orderly.


We want to make sure that all positions in our line management structure are clearly defined. Instructions, praise and criticism must be precise and clear.


We encourage employees to develop their general knowledge. We also encourage employees to develop supervisory and management skills. Self discipline is something everyone has to develop him or herself.


We promote employees based on their performance and according to the possibilities of the company. Crucial factors for promotion are: character suitability, personal attitude, professional skills and the ability to bring tasks to a successful end.


We want to be a profitable, quality organization. We are proud of our performance level and work. We want to correct any mistakes as quick as possible. We are constantly working on improving the quality of our work.


Profit is one of the most important benchmarks of our business success. Our company needs profits in order to grow and to secure our jobs. Our shareholders invest in our company in order to obtain profits. Each employee has the task of contributing to the profit.


We feel ourselves committed to protect the environment in accordance with the current laws and regulations.


We do not want to criticize our competitors. We sell our services by emphasizing the strengths of our company. We want to communicate respectfully with our competitors and obtain information about them only by legal means.



Ochakovskoye Shosse 36
Building 2
RUS - Moscow 119530
Tel: +7 495 989 6664
Fax: +7 495 989 6668
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