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With over twelve years of experience, Anna Bowman Translations Ltd is a market leader in the supply of professional Russian translations to discerning clients across the world.

With proven methods to produce all Russian documentation to the highest possible linguistic standards, we are the only partner you will need to enable you to communicate effectively to your Russian partners and clients. Our Russian translators, all native speakers, accurately render your documents so that the final translation fully conveys the style and content of the original. Professional editing and proofreading ensures clarity and comprehension. We take a thorough and meticulous approach to translation, which prevents the errors and misunderstandings that can often occur when working across languages.

Buying an English to Russian translation can be frustrating as it is not always possible to judge the quality of the service you have been provided with. You have to put your faith in the unknown, which means that people are going to judge you, not by the quality of your own words, but by the quality of someone else's translation. When looking to buy such a service, you need to evaluate how much time and money has been spent in developing the document in its original form. Define what you hope to gain through this translation, and how much is at stake. 
A good translation can generate trust, understanding and credibility so you don't want to jeopardise that with a poor quality finish. Please contact us today to discuss your needs. 
Handling Russian translation projects for: Sony Europe, Deutsche Bank Group, National Grid, McDonald's, Merrill Lynch International, Shell Global BV and more.

Anna Bowman Translations Ltd provides high quality linguistic solutions, specifically designed to meet the demands of modern international businesses expanding into Russia and the former Soviet Republics. Globalization is giving all companies the opportunity to expand throughout the world, but...

People only listen if you talk their language.
It is vital to understand that you will be judged not by the quality of your product, your service or your words, but by the quality of your translation. Our role is to work with progressive companies in order to assist them in their business communication and marketing strategies. The Company's Chief Director is Anna Bowman, who was born and subsequently lived in 3 different republics of the former Soviet Union until the age of 27, when marriage brought her to the UK.
"My love for languages determined my education and the whole style of my life. From the very beginning I aimed to do everything right as a translator, and this philosophy has carried over into the growing business that we now have. I personally screen every single translator that applies to work with us, which is an important part of our quality control procedures, designed to maintain the high standard of work." Over the years, the collective resources of the company have grown to an extent where we can offer highly specialised Russian translations for a wide variety of industries. Our client list includes a number of major blue-chip companies as well as smaller medium sized businesses and individuals. We are proud of the fact that we have never lost a single client through poor service. As a business, we are fully committed to our long term strategy that providing all clients with effective Russian language services is the key to mutual success. Our office is based in Lincoln, in the heart of England. One of Lincoln's favourite sons is Alfred Lord Tennyson, British poet laureate 1850-1892, who wrote the line...
"So many worlds, so much to do, so little done."
We believe that it is time to do more.

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Jonathan Bowman

Адрес: 18 Larkspur Road 
Lincoln LN2 4SS, UK


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