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For almost a century, Vinson & Elkins lawyers have provided innovative business solutions for clients whose needs are as diverse as the entities they represent.

In today's challenging environment of global markets, volatile economies and complex human and environmental issues, our time-tested role as trusted advisor has become even more critical. The depth and breadth of our lawyers' experience, combined with the responsiveness and efficiencies of the firm's global reach, enables Vinson & Elkins to serve clients from start-up, to the negotiating table and boardroom, before legislative and regulatory bodies, in the courtroom, and beyond.

Vinson & Elkins LLP began in Houston, Texas, as a two man partnership in 1917, when James A. Elkins and William A. Vinson joined professional forces with a studied eye to the future. Both men were ambitious to establish a law firm that would endure, and offer other lawyers the opportunity to prosper and achieve their goals. Vinson recalled the founding partners' fateful decision to merge in this way: "We chatted awhile, and a sudden thought struck me-Here is your man!" Vinson asked, "How would you like to come to Houston?" Elkins replied: "That is the ambition of my life, make me a proposition." The proposition was a partnership, and Elkins' response was unhesitating: "I accept."

Thus, Vinson & Elkins was born.
In those days, the oil boom was already transforming Texas and the world, and Houston was home to much of the energy industry's activity. V&E "cut its teeth" on oil and gas matters, and today remains one of the world's leading energy law firms, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Austin, Dallas, Houston, New York, Washington, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Palo Alto, Moscow, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Influenced by the strong personalities of its founding partners, V&E 's early hallmarks were stability, adaptability and a congenial informality among its lawyers. Those traits are still in evidence today, even as Vinson & Elkins has grown into a worldwide operation with over 750 lawyers in 14 offices across the globe.

V&E lawyers are guided by the principle that pro bono clients – like all of our clients – should be fully and effectively represented. As a result, we devote significant time and financial resources to the legal needs of persons who cannot afford to pay for representation. V&E’s pro bono initiatives provide our lawyers an opportunity to connect with the human side of the practice of law. From senior partners to first-year associates, our lawyers apply their skills to personal passions and make lasting impacts in the communities in which they live and work.

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