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Salans is different from many conventional international law firms.

As a relatively young firm we aim to be more agile, more responsive and more innovative than our peers.  We encourage an entrepreneurial approach and employ some of the brightest lawyers in each of the jurisdictions in which we operate.  We are a diverse but highly integrated firm, with over 750 lawyers operating across borders and cultures.  Our 22 offices are located in the world’s main commercial centres and also in emerging markets, in many of which we pioneered international legal work. 

Our lawyers are mainly nationals of the countries in which they operate.  They have a deep knowledge of their market and local legislation. We are bound together by a strong shared ethos and a common professional approach.   We aim to get things done, to share our clients’ objectives and ambitions.  Our primary focus is to achieve for our clients a successful commercial outcome.  

We structure our service to meet clients’ needs.  Our teams are tailor-made for each assignment so that only the relevant lawyers are engaged.  As a client, your relationship partner will be someone who speaks your language both literally and commercially.  Our working style encourages creative and lateral thinking to achieve the right legal solution for our clients.  

In particular, we undertake to: 
Listen closely to our clients;Provide people with a good understanding of our client’s industry;Establish clarity on deadlines and commercial objectives;Provide a range of possible solutions;Analyse the risks, costs and the benefits of each course of action;Remain focused on the essentials of the task;Give succinct and clear advice;Avoid unnecessary legal jargon;Respond quickly to all communication;Agree fees and billing methods up front; and,Work willingly with other law firms in any jurisdiction.

From our beginnings in Paris in 1978, the founders’ vision was to build a different kind of international law firm. They created a firm that combined the skills of European civil law and Anglo-American common law, which was underpinned by a commitment to help clients seize opportunities in the market, wherever they may be based.

As Carl Salans, one of the firm’s three founders, (alongside Jeffrey Hertzfeld and Eliane Heilbronn), explains: “We have lawyers of over twenty nationalities who speak over thirty languages with offices made up predominantly of local lawyers. This allows us to advise clients in ways that provide greater understanding of a nation's style of thinking and problem-solving, as well as its legal system.” 
“We've no head office, and no one national culture dominates the rest, allowing us to work without demarcation lines between offices and practices and to focus all our efforts on providing clients with a globally-integrated service. I think this structure also helps us to bridge cultural, linguistic, and legal traditions better than other firms.”

Представитель организации:
Юлия Осипова

Адрес в Великобритании: 
Millennium Bridge House
2 Lambeth Hill

Адрес в России: 191186, Санкт-Петербург, Набережная Мойки, дом 36


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