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RusTest International Limited

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We are proud to present «RusTest International Limited».

Our organization specializes in the process of certification and issuing of all connected documentation necessary for Russian export and has successfully been helping companies worldwide to integrate their products into the Russian market. With our head office being based in the United Kingdom we focus our activities not only on the European Market, but further round the Globe.

We work directly with Russian Federal Government Authorities, accredited by the Gosstandard of Russian Federation (RosTehRegulation) and the Federal Supervision Authority on Consumers Right Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor). We do not use third parties or agencies and, therefore, we offer the most competitive prices and the shortest timescales.

Our company promotes the philosophy of quality amongst consumers, and supports manufacturers whose vision of success in business is associated with better quality products and services.

Our Services: The Declaration of Conformity, Certificate of Conformity (GOST R),
Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion (SEZ), Government Registration, Authorisation by Rostekhnadzor, Letter of Refusal

Представитель организации:
Leana Bridgman

Адрес в Великобритании: 
1 Trevitt CL
United Kingdom 
NG34 8BT


Электронная почта: 
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+440152 930 6156

+440152 930 6156

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