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At McGuireWoods, we deliver quality work, personalized service and exceptional value.

We use technology to provide efficient legal solutions and employ a diverse workforce to bring real-world and innovative perspectives to meet our clients’ needs. With approximately 900 lawyers and 17 strategically located offices worldwide, McGuireWoods uses client-focused teams to serve public, private, government and nonprofit clients from many industries including automotive, energy resources, health care, technology and transportation.

Having been selected to participate in formal convergence programs with clients such as DuPont and International Paper, McGuireWoods prides itself on “partnering” with clients by listening to their needs, understanding their businesses, and utilizing this knowledge base to provide efficient service. In many cases, we serve as national or regional counsel for corporations such as DuPont, Ford and Siemens. We apply the lessons learned from these relationships to better manage work for all our clients. Knowing that clients have specific needs, we discuss arrangements with each client to find what best matches each client’s preferences. Our hourly rates are competitive, and we have a number of alternative fee arrangements in place with many clients. We have also worked with clients to determine fixed fees for a portfolio of work or phases of litigation, and have arranged retainers and blended rates when appropriate. As a leader in the successful implementation of alternative fee arrangements, McGuireWoods was featured on the front page of the Chicago Tribune business section and was highlighted in American Lawyer Media and the Baltimore Business Journal for our commitment to and experience in alternative fee arrangements. Our alternative fee arrangements allow us to work with each client’s individual needs to develop relationships that work.

At McGuireWoods, technology is one of many tools we use to provide exceptional client service. While we of course use traditional venues such as e-mail and instant messaging, we are particularly adept at creating and using more robust methods of collaboration as well. We bring to bear extranets, case management systems, and real-time online meetings to name a few, all to improve responsiveness, control costs, and increase the depth of our client interactions. 
We share knowledge internally through a formal knowledge management initiative that identifies, captures and publishes best practices within the firm. We can summon the institutional knowledge of our entire firm to identify specific experience among our lawyers, or to leverage best practices based on that experience. The end results for clients are consistent work product, incredible responsiveness, and efficient delivery. Our website provides legal updates in plain language with common sense commentary. We also keep thousands of clients and friends updated on breaking developments through a complimentary e-mail news service, targeted to specific audiences with various interests and needs for legal news. We host regular seminars, live and virtual, on critical aspects of the law in each of our practice areas. We recognize that sophisticated clients often engage the services of multiple firms. We excel at working alongside other outside counsel to clients’ mutual advantage. For example, we may serve as National Discovery Counsel, coordinating discovery efforts across multiple states with different trial counsel in each. We have shared both technology and access to information with such firms so that clients get the benefit of a coordinated team.

Breadth of Services
To complement our legal services, we offer a number of solutions outside the legal realm, such as those provided by our subsidiaries McGuireWoods Consulting LLC and McGuireWoods Capital Group. These groups offer a wide range of government and public relations services, business advisory services, and other non-legal consulting services.

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