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GW Travel is the world's leading operator of exclusive, long-distance rail tours.

Our philosophy at GW Travel is to provide fully-escorted private rail tours for the adventure traveller who is drawn to the excitement of visiting fabulous, and often, remote destinations but wants to appreciate them in style, comfort and safety. Luxury long-distance rail travel offers discerning and adventurous travellers a unique opportunity to visit some of the world's most memorable places in comfort and style. We offer our guests first-class customer service, a romantic exploration of the world's most remarkable sites and a constantly changing room with a view. You can expect welcoming cabins, fine dining and elegant surroundings no matter which remote corner of the globe you choose to explore.

Itineraries are designed to turn dreams of a lifetime into priceless memories and take in some of the most culturally diverse destinations the world has to offer. Whether you have always wanted to delve into the intoxicating landscape and rich cultural history of India, experience the sweeping panorama of Africa's vast untamed continent, discover Siberia's grand wilderness or explore China's ancient historical heritage, we have created an exclusive range of extraordinary rail tours that have been designed to exceed even the most demanding traveller's wildest dreams. GW Travel makes it easy for you to travel to places you have always dreamt about without comprimising on comfort or security and each well planned tour is overseen by an experienced Tour Management team.

GW Travel is the world's leading operator of exclusive, long-distance rail tours. Our Voyages of a Lifetime by Private Train operate worldwide through Russia, Crimea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, China, Tibet, India and Africa. Our flagship tour is the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, the greatest railway journey in the world, that covers 6,000 miles (10,000kms) across 8 time zones on its 15 day journey between Moscow and Vladivostok. Our concept at GW Travel is to provide a 'Rail Cruise' for the adventure traveller who is drawn to the excitment of visiting these fabulous, and often remote, destinations but appreciate them in style, safety and comfort.

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Tim Littler

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Denzel House, 
Denzel Gardens
Dunham Road
Altrincham, Cheshire, 
United Kingdom WA14 4QF


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+44 0161 9289410
+44 0016 9416101

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