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Asla Limited is proud to be the supplier of choice for many leading tour operators around the world.

Our UK head office co-ordinates the activities of the Asla Travel Group throughout our regions. With our own offices in Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa, Yalta, Lviv and Riga and a representative office in Minsk we provide continuity throughout the region. When your tours include more than one of our destinations, invoicing is central and you pay to one account in the UK. We provide peace of mind to all our customers with our £10,000,000 liability insurance. We have extended the services we offer from our head office to UK based tour operators by providing a dedicated, low cost, Russian visa service for their passengers visiting Russia on their programmes. We process up to 20,000 Russian visas each year. Our experts in the UK head office will be pleased to assist and advise on programmes and pricing - please ask!

"Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), our primary destinations, have seen massive changes since the ASLA Travel Group was formed in 1991 and the resurgence of these countries after the demise of the former Soviet Union has been reflected in a dramatic increase in visitor numbers since the late 1990's that I believe will continue in the 21st Century. 
Our company was formed out of the desire to provide western standards of service for group, incentive and individual travellers to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and our companies have remained true to this tradition throughout. We are now supported in our objectives by world-class hotels throughout the region, transforming the landscape for tourists and business-travellers alike. This improvement in infrastructure allied to major tourist attractions, the equal of any in the world, combine to make Russia and Ukraine two of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. The Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have recently joined the EC and are now tried and tested tourist destinations. In recent years the Asla Travel Group has focused on Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Czech Republic and other regions of Central Europe, now providing comprehensive travel solutions and continuity for our partners in each of these countries.

Today, we employ 25 dedicated staff with extensive experience of our destinations in our Head Office, and we have our own incoming tour operator and travel agencies in Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa, Yalta, Lviv and Riga and a representative office in Minsk. All act as DMC's with a wide range of expertise in upmarket incentive and conference groups. Our companies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus all are fully licensed and able to issue visa support for travel to these destinations. All offices employ a wide range of linguistic skills. Our UK office has a dedicated Visa service, processing up to 20,000 Russian visas each year for customers visiting Russia on our tour operator clients' programmes. 
For clients requiring incoming tour operations or a DMC in UK and Western Europe, we are pleased to introduce our special interest tour operator, Select Travel Service Ltd - a company with 60 years of inbound operations in Western Europe, acquired by the group in 1994. We aim to provide our quality service at highly competitive prices in all of our operations and I would take this opportunity of thanking all of our partners throughout the world for their continued support and custom."

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Steven Penney

Адрес: Riverside House, 160 High Street, Huntingdon PE29 3TF 
Cambridgeshire, UK


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