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Drum Risk Management

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Drum combines consultancy analysis with operational risk management, through due-diligence, project management and stock insurance.

We manage and develop clients' CIS market entry beyond product registration and certification. We believe in transparency, flexibility and have a unique approach to our clients' needs. 

Trade Intelligence & Analysis 
Market Entry and Development 
Collateral & Performance Risk Management 
Supply Chain Management 
Banks & Investment Funds 
Trading Companies 
Manufacturers & Distributors 
Legal, Audit & Consultants

DRUM has expertise drawn from 12 years of experience in the CIS.
We identify and challenge information, to ensure that our client has the clarity to plan and develop their business. Our analytical department was established in 1998, as an internal requirement to support our operational risk management. We have developed rapidly and now support M&A, Project, Structured & Trade Finance, Private Equity and companies who need clarity to develop. We take a holistic view using various sophisticated tools to analyse companies, the market and the environment. We have reliable sources of information, official data, published material, expert opinion and high level decision makers, to ensure that we can identify: 
How a business really works.
The nature of internal & external schemes.
Market mechanisms.
Informal arrangements.
Bureaucracy, cultural and regional issues.

Our key advantage is that we have been working with companies for 12 years, establishing a phased market entry & development approach to provide a transparent, cost effective service. Each market entry is specific to our Client, their goods or services. We offer a ten-phased approach to the market entry which identifies if there is a market and confirm the entry process, legally certifying and registering the goods with the authorities. We will then manage the logistics, warehousing, acting on behalf of our Client while accepting all risks in order to protect their goods.

The phased market  entry enables any company to:
budget and establish a potential market for their goods / services in Russia 
identify problems and offer solutions to entering the market 
select customers and / or distributors 
legally certify and register the goods, in our CLIENT’s name 
assist with drafting contracts 
confirm route to market and distribution 
insure  goods in Lloyds of London 
manage the supply, warehousing and logistics chain.

Адрес в Великобритании: 
150 Fenchurch Street Office 36, 
London, EC3M 6BB

Адрес в Москве: 125009, Москва, Газетный переулок, дом 9/2


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+44020 79292473
+7 095 721 1131
+44020 79292480 
+7 095 721 1135


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