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TeliaSonera first invested in the Russian market by establishing fiber from Finland to St. Petersburg and later to Moscow.

Telecom Finland was the owner, later renamed to Sonera, and consequently the name of the fully owned company was changed to Sonera-Rus. In April 2000 TeliaSonera International Carrier Russia a wholly owned entity was registered in Moscow. When Swedish incumbent Telia and the Finnish incumbent Sonera merged in 2003, the Russian subsidiaries merged as one company under the new name ZAO TeliaSonera International Carrier Russia with offices in St Petersburg and Moscow.

During its 15 years in Russia, TeliaSonera International Carrier has seen its asset value rise from $2 million to $50 million. TeliaSonera International Carrier’s IP traffic has successfully grown in Russia – the growth was 22 percent more than the average growth for IP during last year.

“It’s with great joy that we announce our 15 years of successful presence in Russia. Our expansion into Eastern Europe is an important strategic step in our ambition to become one of the three largest global IP carriers” said Malin Frenning Senior Vice President of TeliaSonera and Head of TeliaSonera International Carrier. Developing our presence in Eastern Europe and delivering high quality IP services locally and globally is the future for TeliaSonera International Carrier.”

TeliaSonera International Carrier provides wholesale international IP, Capacity and Voice services to major destinations in Europe and across the Atlantic. The services are based on TeliaSonera International Carrier’s wholly owned European and trans-Atlantic networks. As well as owning one of the largest network footprints in Europe, TeliaSonera International Carrier also has peering points in the US. TeliaSonera International Carrier is the leading carrier of IP and Voice traffic in Europe.

TeliaSonera is the Nordic and Baltic telecommunications leader. As part of TeliaSonera, Sonera provides reliable and diversified cutting edge services in Finland to both consumer and business customers.

The purpose of our existence is to help, benefit and entertain our customers in matters related to communications. Sonera gives you everything you can imagine – and more. Sonera transfers voice, images, music, video and files – no matter whether it is a question of entertainment or obligations.

Представитель организации:
Елена Смирнова
Игорь Кавалерчик

Адреса в Москве: 101000, Москва, Армянский переулок, дом 11/2

Адрес в Санкт-Петербурге: 191104, Санкт-Петербург, улица Маяковского, дом 22-2


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+7 812 329 13 90  
+7 495 937 41 20

+7 812 275 67 12 
+7 495 937 41 19

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