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BT Global Services is prepared to bring your business all the advantages of a networked, converged world.

We recognised early on that global communications networks were changing business in fundamental ways. Physical proximity is no longer necessary for people to work together. Transactions can be conducted across any distance in realtime and hundreds of millions of people who did not previously have access to the global economy can now be a part of it.
At the same time, voice and data networks are converging into a single IP infrastructure, fixed and mobile networks are converging so that any device can communicate with any other – and communication and collaboration applications are available at any time, any place. In this new world, the reach, capability and resilience of your network represents a new kind of equity.

These changes demand a new kind of company, one that can provide a single point of contact for high-performance, seamless global networking. Over the past years we have worked diligently to transform our own organisation to offer this new breed of services: we call them networked IT services, and they’re based on an extensive and resilient MPLS network, growing by a new city every week. We employ some 37,000 staff in 53 countries and offer services in 173 countries.

BT Global Services operates critical networks and IT systems for some of the largest – and most demanding – organisations in the world. It is one of the countries leading suppliers of networked IT services for high profile public and corporate sector customers across the UK.
Because of our heritage, many of our customers are based in the UK or have operations in the country. However, we deliver services in over 170 countries, connecting installations, communities and value chains that are essential to the organisations we serve.

We are dedicated to helping our customer thrive in a changing world. We focus on making our customers’ people more productive, their customers happier and their organisations more efficient - all underpinned by stringent security.

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Richard van Wageningen

Адрес: Россия, 115419, Москва, 2-й Рощинский проезд, дом 8, строение 4

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+7 495 960 49 67 
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