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Welcome to ITE! ITE creates marketplaces for business by organising leading trade exhibitions and conferences in growing and developing markets.

The company was established in the early ‘90s when the founders of ITE launched a series of trade events in the new market economies of Russia and the CIS. Today, the group organises around 180 trade exhibitions and conferences each year in 11 countries and employs over 800 staff in 23 offices worldwide. ITE’s events have been successful in helping companies to build strong market positions and growing businesses in emerging markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.  
The dynamism and exceptional prospects for domestic and international business in ITE’s core markets provide ideal conditions for successful exhibitions and conferences. ITE is one of the world’s leading organisers of international trade exhibitions and conferences and specialises in organising events in growing and developing markets.

The Events
ITE organises around 180 exhibitions and conferences each year in 11 countries.  In 2009, ITE sold over 400,000 square metres of exhibition space to companies who understand the benefits of doing business face-to-face. The group has many market leading events and well known brands in key industry sectors. ITE’s product range of annual events includes everything from niche specialist conferences through to huge events such as Russia’s largest trade fair (the Moscow building & interiors exhibition, MosBuild).

The Group
ITE was established in 1991 when its founders launched a series of trade exhibitions in Russia and the CIS with the primary objective of promoting trade opportunities these new market economies. Today, these markets remain an area of considerable strength for the group and ITE has a comprehensive office network and event portfolio in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

ITE is a member of the global association for the exhibition industry – UFI and more than 40 ITE events have been awarded with the status: UFI Approved.

ITE has recognised international brands, successful products and solid finances. The group is committed to continue improving and growing existing events and has a strategy to expand the range and diversity of exhibitions and conferences in its core markets. ITE - creating marketplaces for business.

Investor Relations
ITE was established in 1991 and was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1998.  The company’s strategic focus on key sectors of emerging and developing markets has delivered impressive revenue growth. This has helped to provide a secure financial platform, from which the company can continue to invest in events that deliver better results for its clients year after year – even in a challenging global economic environment. In 2009, ITE Group plc generated £116.7 m revenue which contributed towards a strong balance sheet with net cash of £21.3 m by year end.

Events Overview
The ITE group organises over 180 trade events per year across a wide range of industry sectors. More than 50 of these events are based in Russia’s three largest cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. 70+ are hosted in Central Asia and the Caucasus (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia). 20+ are based in South and Eastern Europe (Turkey and Ukraine). The remainder are located in the UK, Algeria and China.

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Sabrina Fuksman

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