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ArcXeon International, LLC

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ArcXeon International, LLC provides technology, strategic, and business services. Its services include technology innovation, technology and market assessment, strategic planning, finance and corporate structure, commercialization, negotiation, product and technology development, public policy and regional development, intellectual property strategy and portfolio management, and regulatory compliance, as well as mergers, acquisitions, sales, and licensing. The company focuses on various sectors, such as alternative energy and environment, aerospace and defense technologies, transportation and propulsion, nanotechnology and biometric technologies, semiconductors and sensors, and ecological natural resource exploitation, as well as homeland, public sector, and infrastructure security; and energy, fuels, and power. ArcXeon International, LLC is based in Los Angeles, California.

Контактная информация

  • Headoffice: 10850 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 406 Los Angeles, CA 90024 United States
  • Телефон: 202-487-0100
  • WEB-Сайт: http://www.arcxeon.com
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