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WAM Industries, Inc.

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Professional Military Construction Contractors

  • Mission
    WAM’s mission is to consistently meet and exceed your expectations. We provide the highest level of construction, quality and user satisfaction through our: “Can Do”, Mission First Attitude. Flexibility to changing conditions. Attention to Details. Consistency & Reliability in carrying out the project.
  • Purpose
    We specialize and excel in structural and vertical construction projects. As experienced professionals, WAM Industries is an owner operated company with owners at all levels, from onsite work to Design/Build to construction management. We leverage our diverse experience to achieve the optimum on project solutions, methods, and timely quality product for the customer. As general contractors we can join your team at any stage of construction from design build to renovation to open bid. In the design-build approach, we are the single point of contact for you and your users and is responsible for complete design and construction phases.
  • Core Values
    Teamwork: We work together to exceed your expectations and obtain your satisfaction. Integrity: We do the right thing everyday. Loyalty: We are loyal to our clients, employees and community. People: We value and respect the people with and for whom we work.


  • Renovation and Construction
    Our primary services encompass, repairs, renovations, alterations, and/or additions to existing buildings as well as, design and construction of new facilities. Additionally, supporting infrastructure elements such as, utility systems, roads and parking facilities, force protection, and related requirements can be delivered from concept to project completion.
  • Environmental Compliance
    WAM is increasingly addressing the growing requirements for environmental compliance. We provide services addressing storm water management, environmental issues mitigation, brown field restoration, and waste disposal issues. WAM can respond to and correct EPA issued violation mandates.
  • Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy Services
    Energy conservation and alternative energy sourcing is a requirement facing most existing facilities today. New facilities have design specifications setting requirements for better energy utilization. WAM draws upon internal and external experience and specialty resources to address alternative energy and energy conservation projects. We are capable of a range of services from installing insulation to the construction of solar power systems.

Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in structural and vertical construction. We have performed small scale renovations and specialties, and complex multi-phased projects with a keen emphasis on completion within the schedule and budget without compromising quality. Our long experience with military systems, inspections and standards will allow for easy integration and immediate performance to your standards.

We want the opportunity to prove that we are the right 8(a) to choose. We want to be a consistent presence of professionalism and service on your projects. We want to set the “example” with every task that we complete; to prove ourselves worthy to earn our next project; and to be deemed “Preferred” when it comes to your choices.


Контактная информация

  • Headoffice: WAM Industries, Inc. 902 Mill Pond Drive Smyrna, Georgia 30082
  • Телефон: 770.841.7700
  • E-Mail: Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.
  • WEB-Сайт: http://www.wamindustries.com
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