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As Austen Morris Associates has been expanding, we continue to design innovative programs to improve the sustainability and client service experience. We believe that as we grow, we must grow together with our local communities. Developing new business allows us to further reinvest in our community.
For our company to grow and expand in the right direction it has been important to us to recruit highly qualified financial advisors. Our focus has been recruiting advisors directly from the UK. We have found motivated Advisors who have joined our team for training in Shanghai and chosen this career path, which will feed their drive to be successful in helping international clients with savings and investments.  As an international firm, we have established offices in many major metropolitan cities throughout Asia. These new markets have exposed opportunities for us to provide professional guidance to expatriates living and working overseas.
As our company matures, our client base grows, and we find more and more sophisticated technology-based services to support our clients who work in all corners of the world.  We can now refine your investments by having access to your wealth online through our Wealth Management Service and our knowledgeable and dedicated Client Services team. This bespoke service allows clients to easily and efficiently approve portfolio changes to keep their investments in the most profitable investments based on the selected risk profile.  
As leaders of the International Private Wealth Management sector, we are constantly looking at the challenges in our industry. We pride ourselves on successfully abiding to the high standards of ethical conduct following our Business Standards Committee principles. The role of the committee is to reinforce the company’s client focus, as well as improve current practices. We believe the recommendations of the Committee have served to strengthen the firm’s culture. 
One of our priorities is to be involved in our local and international community through specific charitable projects. We look forward to continuing to nurture our client base through advancements in the local community and our industry. This success is a result of the hard work and dedication shown by all Austen Morris Associates employees and the support of our business partners.

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  • Headoffice: 19th Floor, China Guangfa Bank Tower 555 Xu Jia Hui Rd (Luban Rd) Shanghai, 200023, China
  • Телефон: (86 21) 6390 1233
  • WEB-Сайт: http://www.austenmorris.com