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Created in 1947, the SIAMP company knew how to at once innovate on the sector of toilets by proposing the first plastic flaps. Very early becoming aware of stakes bound to the use of the water, SIAMP then applied to develop the respectful technical solutions of this invaluable resource.

From 1993, his system of dual flush allowed to divide by two the household consumption (35 000 L annual for a family of 4 persons, against more than 78 000 L previously).

Meanwhile, the research work conducted on the various factors leakage has resulted in the development of a new generation of performing seals.

Work on the élémination fur resulted in a diffusion process chased by hunting for a multifunction product maintenance.

Become inescapable an actor of the sanitary expertise, the group SIAMP does not today stop perfecting the reliability, the efficiency and the design of its products.

Founded in 1947, the Siamp group is based since its early days in the Principality of Monaco.

Toilet seat covers, tanks, mechanisms, float valves, evacuations, suspended sanitaries, covering, care and ventilation solutions: Siamp designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products and systems for the restroom space.

Global partner of the leading ceramic manufacturers and hundreds of distributors, Siamp is in permanent contact with an ever growing market.

Observing the expectations of the modern consumer, aware of the demand in terms of sustainable development, Siamp thus often initiates innovations acknowledged by a large number of international patents.

Excluding its plant in Monaco, Siamp is present in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia with its branches in Turkey (Istanbul) and Vietnam (Hô-Chi-Minh-City)

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  • Headoffice: 4, quai Antoine 1er - B.P. 219
  • WEB-Сайт: http://www.siamp.com
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