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We support companies on matters concerning doing business in Russia, irrespective of their size and industry sector. Our team of over 400 experts advises on market entry structure, accounting and reporting, IT/ERP-connectionand tax consulting in Russia.

Longstanding professional experience combined with local know-how enables us to help and assist foreign companies safely and reliably on the issues affecting Russian market entry.

RUSSIA CONSULTING was founded in Moscow in 2003 by Ulf Schneider, former CFO of an insurance company in Russia. It was his idea to give hands-on support to companies entering the Russian market.

„Back then I thought: if things go really well, I might think about running a team of 20 employees in future!”, Ulf Schneider, 2014

Number of employees in 2014: over 400

RUSSIA CONSULTING opened its second office in St.Petersburg in 2004 due to the dynamically evolving economy, not only in Moscow but also in other cities. Initially the company’s main focuses were on Russian accounting and local reporting.

RUSSIA CONSULTING expanded its service range to meet its clients diversifying requirements. The client base consists of both companies that are already established on the Russian market and of companies that are looking to set up their business in Russia.

Today RUSSIA CONSULTING offers services in following areas:

  • Market Analysis
  • Import, Customs Handling and Certification
  • Market Entry Consulting
  • General Director Function
  • Use of Legal Address
  • Fully Equipped Office Premises
  • Accounting / Reporting / IFRS / US GAAP
  • Tax Consulting
  • IT Services (Accounting Automatisation, ERP Systems)
  • Expert Recruiting (Accounting / Tax / IT)
  • Internal Audit / Finance & Tax Due Diligence
  • Business Workshops (Dialogue in the Dark / STAR-S Academy)

RUSSIA CONSULTING is a one-stop partner providing you with all you need to ensure a smooth and successful start or expansion of your business in Russia. All our employees speak either English or German and are proficient specialists in their respective fields.

We understand how important clear communication with the parent company is when it comes to making decisions, especially cross-borders. At RUSSIA CONSULTING you will find English, German, French and Italian native speakers providing a smooth exchange of information. Our Western management is always ready to get in touch with your headquarters to resolve potentially open issues.

Our Offices

Over the years, we have developed our service range as well as our geographical presence. Many of our clients started considering Russia’s neighboring countries as potential sales markets; accordingly UKRAINE CONSULTING was founded in 2006. Based in Kiev it is offering the complete service range from business set up to business development in the Ukraine.

KAZAKHSTAN CONSULTING was opened in 2007 and BELARUS CONSULTING followed a year later, in 2008. We support international companies in market entry into Kazakhstan and Belarus from our offices in Almaty, Aktau and Minsk. Both firms provide our full service range for the Kazakh and Belarusian markets.

Further expansion occurred in 2012 when POLAND CONSULTING was founded in Warsaw and GERMANY CONSULTING in Hamburg. These offices advise in business set up, offer current accounting outsourcing, assist with reporting to international standards and take care of payroll accounting.

All these companies form the RUSSIA CONSULTING Group managed by Ulf Schneider.

Underlying our success are values and principles that are based on ethical insight, rational reflection and hands-on experience. They represent the pillars of our corporate identity and characterize our professional and personal approaches.

Every employee counts.

Together we excel.

We lead by example.

Attentiveness and foresight define our work.

“At RUSSIA CONSULTING Group we have over 300 colleagues who enjoy working for clients and are eager to help bring their businesses to new heights.

We operate on markets with limited transparency. This is why we especially value clear and comprehensive structures that our clients can understand. Compliance is more than a legal term for us: it is a fundamental conviction that has to be lived on each level within a business.

Leading by example is another essential element shaping our day-to-day actions. We are very conscious that values have to have a physical side, because often supposedly easy tasks can cause larger difficulties. Some may not regard them as values, but we consider punctuality and organization as vital, especially in our business performance. As these require some discipline, they represent a value in our eyes that should not be underestimated.

Last but not least, I regard it as an important managerial duty to assign meaningful and satisfying tasks to colleagues on all levels. This might not always be easy in our business; accordingly it represents an even bigger challenge.”

A few words by Ulf Schneider, 2014, Company Founder



ul. Bakhrushina 32/1
115054 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 / 495 / 956 55 57
Fax: +7 / 495 / 956 82 63
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3rd Floor, Fairgate House
78 New Oxford Street
WC1A 1HB London, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 / (0) 207 / 637 56 66; +44 / (0) 78 / 3333 0557
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