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The Roquette group family enterprise is one of the top-rankedprocessors of starch (N° 2 in Europe and N° 5 in the world), as well as being the world leader in polyols, N° 2 in maltodextrins worldwide, and the leading European producer of pyrogen free raw materials and cationic starches. In 2012 it achieved a turnover of 3.1 billion euros.
Roquette basically converts four vegetables into raw materials essential to industry. As a result, thanks to the starch extracted from maize, wheat, potatoes or peas, the firm produces more than 700 by-products.
Specifically, the range consists of:
  • Sugars and dietary fibres 
  • Derivatives of fermentation and fine chemistry products  
  • Fibres, oils and soluble products   
  • Bioethanol
This broadly gives a glimpse of the variety and high level of the technical nature of the industries that put their trust in Roquette: human nutrition, paper and board, fermentation, chemistry, pharmacy-cosmetology, and animal feed, to name the most significant ones.
This range likewise reflects innovative spirit and effort made on the diversification and quality side which Roquette wishes to symbolize.
As early as the beginning of the 1950’s, Roquette made research the core feature of its corporate strategy and this to a great extent explains its tremendous diversification.
The Group’s research activities cover biochemistry, microbiology and analytical control fields as well as the development of new technology and applications.
Thanks to 300 researchers and technicians, Roquette’s Research Centre files 25 to 30 patent applications a year, signs more than 100 research-partnership agreements and has built close cooperation ties with universities and laboratories around the world.
With nutrition health and vegetal-based chemistry, Roquette is today exploring fresh opportunities in terms of sustainable development and renewable agro-resources (which include micro-algae).  
Maximum quality
At Roquette Quality is an integral part of the production process: perfect traceability of renewable raw materials, production techniques compliant with the most demanding standards in terms of treatment, purity and environmental protection, all resulting for the customers in ingredients of impeccable quality.
The goal of this Quality policy is to constantly improve product performance and customer service and assistance, while at the same time developing the corporate skills.

International presence
The Roquette group is present throughout the whole world through 30 establishments including 21 production sites in Europe, Asia and North America.
Backed by an international network of offices and agents, over 7,800 employees are devoted to technical and sales assistance for the customers in more than 100 countries and satisfy their stringent demands for supply reliability and quality.
Corporate Headquarters
62080 LESTREM - France
Phone: + 33 3 21 63 36 00
Fax: + 33 3 21 63 38 50
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