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SHORT STRATEGIC CHANGE, Connecting interactional efficiency and sustainable performance.

We accompany leaders, teams, organizations and individuals, to rebound from problematic situations, when they want to achieve a difficult objective, or increase their performance.

The aim of Short Strategic Change intervention is to understand how the perceptive and reactive system work within the reality of the here and now, interrupt what has developped between attempted solutions and persistence of the problem and induce changegenerating a chain reaction of successive changes leading to efficiency.

We operate in Europe and worldwide.

Awareness, Maturity & Multiculturalism.

We have worked for over 20 years supporting businesses to successfully overcome difficult situations. Today more than ever change is permanent, requiring accelerated pace of adaptation and alignment of attitudes.

Teams have never been so powerful in their ability to implement complex processes of project management and most companies in the world master organizational know-how.

We help leaders, organizations, teams and people to grow and develop confidence when facing the unexpected.

Our experience shows that many organizations focus their energy on strengthening order and predictability through modeling of increasingly complex systems and implementation of fine-tuned change and communication. Yet 70% of programs fail... (Source: John Kotter - HBR Review).

Consultancy, Support, & Optimization.

Each problem is unique and we develop methodologies for appropriate intervention.

Leadership altitude, Diagnosis and Intervention
Today leaders and their teams must often think and act urgently. We help them take a step back with diagnosis and brief intervention methods to reach new heights.

New challenges, new attitudes
We support the development of aligned, congruent attitudes in compliance with individuals to bring out collective intelligence and transform values into performance tools.

Learning is also un-learning
Through our support and our tailor-made workshops, we encourage the emergence of new skills and attitudes.

Corporate and Social Responsibility
We help companies develop a strong culture strengthening development projects and their daily contributors, in accordance with the principles and ethics of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR). Brief interventions for lasting results.


Aligning Leadership Association sprl
Rue de l'Arbre Bénit 118
1050 Brussels - Belgium

Phone : +32 474 115 620
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