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The founder of LOST IN TRANSLATION, Margaret Skinner, is British.

Her career has been varied but has mainly focused on Personal Assistant roles where her native English, knowledge of other languages, attention to detail, organisational abilities and people skills have been major assets – precisely the skills offered by LOST IN TRANSLATION. Always working with European/International companies has also enabled her to combine work with her main life-long interest – other countries, peoples, languages and cultures. Daily involvement with people, whose native language was not English, resulted in admiration for their abilities to communicate in English. At the same time, it was always apparent that their communications could have been much more effective if the writers had been able to consult a native English speaker, who could ensure that their English was correct and clearly conveyed their message.

Out of many years of such experience, the concept for LOST IN TRANSLATION was born

LOST IN TRANSLATION is supported by a small team of associate specialist consultants, including occupational psychologists (specialists in taking a systematic approach to organisational issues using current communication theory and best practice), accountant (experienced assistance with UK business incorporation and associated UK Tax and Accountancy advice) and a leading UK drama-based learning and development consultancy. Together, we can ensure that your communications with English-speaking countries and, additionally, your specific business interests in the UK can be supported with a professional, intelligent and empathetic approach as well as a genuine willingness to deliver exemplary customer service. With our help, your Vision will never be LOST IN TRANSLATION.

LOST IN TRANSLATION is a small company specialising in English communication services for Russia and the CIS. We can support you by offering a personal service, which tailors your communications to meet your business objectives.
Led by our principal business communication consultant Margaret Skinner – who is supported by a team of specialists – we can provide several levels of service:

Level 1 - Business English Correction Service  
Proofreading, checking websites and publications, advising on direct marketing campaigns - or simply ensuring that your emails convey the message you want them to.  
Level 2 - Direct English-Speaking Support 
Help and support in organising and arranging UK business meetings and events and/or in providing English-speaking support at events/trade shows in Russia/the CIS. 
Level 3 - English Language Coaching 
Coaching from a native English speaker to improve written and spoken English communication skills for staff, who are involved in business communications such as website design, production of printed materials, emails and telephone calls. 
Level 4 - English Communication Strategy 
Advising on your English communication strategy, which involves gaining a detailed understanding of your business and then providing intensive, tailored support - focusing on how to achieve your communication aims.

You choose the level of service you require – and all services are provided by native English speakers who care about your success in delivering your business communication strategy.

Представитель организации:
Margaret Skinner

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Braemar House,
124 Windsor Road
Berkshire, SL6 2DW


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