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Direct Image Systems & Communications Limited

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From the outset, our mission has been to deliver excellence in all aspects of the business.

Highly focused customer service has resulted in considerable growth year on year and testimony to this overall superior level of professional service, is an extremely loyal and ever expanding customer base.

Our successful supply chain business model, has enabled us to cater for a wide range of customer needs. We include many high profile, world renowned clients within our customer portfolio and a flexible approach to all aspects of the business, has cemented our reputation as a first class reliable trade supplier.

In order to deliver consistently high quality products to the markets, we realise the importance and strive to ensure, that our relationships with all our manufacturing centres throughout the world are extremely strong. This enables us to provide products and services of the highest calibre, utilising the latest technology.

With a global network of resources to draw on, we are able to provide a wide array of products and services to assist in all projects from concept to completion.

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Karen House, 1-11 Bache's Street
London, N1 6DL

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+44020 7336 7300 
+44020 7251 4634

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